Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Week

August 15, 2016   

  1. Maren Morris “80s Mercedes” (Hero): This song has been a fan favorite for quite some time, but for a new listener of her music, this song is very different by the way it balances more of a pop tune than a country song. The melody stays on “whoa’s”, in the intro and each chorus keeps you singing along with it. Morris shows us a being balanced while behind the wheel of a beloved Benz. Lyrically she cleverly compares herself to the classic car when she sings about it and shows how it is being made for practically and being built to last. There is a ton of ease in the hook as she sings “I’m a 90s baby, in my 80s Mercedes,” and she makes this line so repetitive throughout the song, it also provides a verse that you know you will hear again. I feel this song will help Morris’ music career continue to skyrocket to many more ventures in her near future.
  2. Eric Church “Record Year” (Mr. Understood): This song is well written song, that showcases someone who is sad and getting healed by the power of music. This song tells a story about a man getting lost in old records as a way to ease the pain of losing his woman. My favorite line of this song is “Your leaving left me goin crazy, I’m counting on a needle to save me, I drop it in the groove and we go round and round in a spiral”. I think this is great writing, the different tone of this song combines with the power of Church’s vocals make this a well-written tune. Musically, this song is pretty great as well. The verses come in at a low level and the chorus comes out hard. This song isn’t a traditional country song, but it is a wonderful combination of country and rock that fits well within country radio.
  3. Cole Swindell “Middle of a Memory” (You Should Be Here): This song finds Swindell caught in a love at first sight moment that is clearly shown more than one time. However, there is some drama that pulls his leading lady away toward the end of the first verse. He spends the rest of the song describing the life and love the two of them would have shared. A sing along type of chorus is the main moment throughout the song. It focuses on a limited moment in time that every guy has lived through. A mix of emotions the main character has while going back in time and only has a broken heart at the end.
  4. Tucker Beathard “Rock On” (Tucker Beathard-The Demos-Vol 1): In this song the melody is solid and appealing. The lyrics are strong, mostly the main hook, as it hits the melancholic spot between regret and moving on. It is well written which is sometimes uncommon for an up and coming country musician Beathard actually does a great job in selling the story.
  5. Jana Kramer “Circles” (31): Kramer praises her husband as being the most solid person in her life and how he makes her a better person each day. She also shows a new side of emotions when she shares how he changed her life and made her feel like she was his one and only. Kramer and her band could not have picked a better song for her next single. This softer beat perfectly fits in with the chorus and allows her to showcase her musical range and skills. I this powerful love song is perfect for Kramer and also it seems many fans of her will also be happy this is her new single.



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